6 Ways to Get Involved

The flashpoint of injustice has become a tipping point for reformation. Take your position on The Wall.  Raise your Voice to Jesus in Hope.  Jump into our Isaiah 58 Fast until June 19 with daily acts of justice, silent prayer protests, and Hope Rally's. Take action with us by turning places of pain into altars of prayer and worship. Join people from every ethnic background and culture who believe in Jesus, who are taking their place before the Lord and before the culture to pioneer a way forward for lasting change. It is time for spiritual, cultural, and economic renewal


History brought us to this moment. Destiny beckons us far beyond it. 

2. Join Our Daily Devotional and watch the film "We Hear You"

Every day from May 30 – June 19 at 7:30 AM CT, join us live on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube to learn what God is doing & how to be a change agent in reconciliation and the pursuit of justice— personally, in your community & nationally.
Download our Field Action Guide (PDF)
We Hear You is a short documentary film premiering Sunday, June 21 at 7:00 PM ET that captures the untold story of how God is moving in the wake of the unjust death of George Floyd. In the midst of all the pain, confusion and unrest, there is an incredible glimmer of hope that is being sparked as the body of Christ is responding with compassion and love. This is a film that aims to answer, in part, what the church can do to respond to the cries of our nation for justice and racial equality. Also, this film is capturing how a revival is beginning in the church in response to the crisis. 

3. Organize or Join The Wall in Your City

A silent peaceful prayer protest to The Lord – transforming our “altars of pain” into altars of prayer (Isaiah 58). Join or start your own.

4. Organize or Join a Hope Rally in Your City

Hope rallies are “flash worship gatherings” and are a way to raise local voices in hope, testimonies, worship, and prayer. Host your own in communities that need restoration, reconciliation, and healing.

5. Give

Help bring racial reconciliation and restorative justice through spiritual, cultural, and economic renewal through a monthly gift as low as $10 per month. You can also help by hosting your own fundraiser on Facebook and buying from our store.

6. Stay Connected with the Movement

#WeHearYou  #JesusIsJustice