We are ineffective without trusting relationships with the local Church. Our core beliefs align with and embrace the historic nicene and apostle's creeds.

Jesus Christ modeled perfected love on the earth. Upon the cross He created a a new type of humanity comprised of a multi-ethnic family; and inaugurated an organism that would bring the glories of His Sovereign leadership  "on earth as it is in heaven." He commissioned this "Ekklesia" to be ambassadors of His Kingdom and ministers of reconciliation through holy confrontation.

In times of trouble, we are exhorted to engage using spiritual intelligence, to endure in love, and to overcome through faith. Much of what is celebrated about the most successful moments of the historic Black Civil Rights Movement, was designed upon the doctrinal framework of Jesus' justice agenda.
Many of the tactics that groups use today are strategies which were first entrusted to spiritual leaders over 50 years ago. Our goal is to engage the justice issues of today with prophetic clarity and apostolic grace, which proceeds from a posture of humility.  

While “Rights” deals with our externals, “Righteousness” deals with our internals.  We believe that Jesus' justice begins there. Internal transformation leads to external reformation and produces eternal satisfaction. Joel 2:11-13 contains one of the clearest scriptural admonishments for our hearts, minds, and spirits being the starting point dealing with crisis.
The biblical pattern of personal repentance, corporate gathering in humility, communal mourning, and corporate prayer is the foundation of Civil Righteousness.

We desire for the fullness of Christ’s character to be established within us. We want to be perfected by his love in  a way that we causes us to grow in mercy and possess our souls in humility  in the face of inequity or offense. We believe that biblical justice cannot be accomplished without the pursuit of righteousness. From that posture, we move into the arena of public action and trust that God will grant justice on our behalf.