We pursue Restorative Justice, Spiritual, and Emotional Healing through Prayer and Holy Activism. We address the spiritual dynamics of racism and injustice by connecting biblical resolutions to the issues. We host panels, forums,  workshops, and seminars in churches and college campuses. We also facilitate town Hall meetings with civic officials and community leaders to discuss justice issues, policy, law enforcement procedures, police-community relations, and ethnic relations.


We are pursuing restorative justice and spiritual healing through legislative repentance. As part of that effort, we supported Missouri bill HCR 86 to formally renounce the Dred Scott Decision at the state level.  It won mass bi-partisan support progressing through the House with a moving debate. On the last day of the 2018 General Assembly, it was added to the Senate Agenda but failed to make it to a vote due to the closing of the session.
The effort was reintroduced in the 2019 General Session by Rep. Mike Moon (R) as Missouri Bill HCR 10 but it didn't gain the full measure of momentum that was needed. It has now been reintroduced and sponsored by Rep. Steven Roberts (D) in the 2020 General Assembly. We believe that now is the time for us to close the door on our past, and take a healing step toward a more equitable future. Take action with us today:


Standing in the Gap by Praying with our Feet

Eight Mile Rd. in Detroit Michigan represents a historic landmark of racial division and social inequity within that region. For 44 days in 2011, Christians of every ethnicity stood shoulder to shoulder at the place of division for three hours each day; seeking God for mercy and standing with Jesus in the gap through prayer. During that time, a number of surrounding residents, business owners, and passersby were deeply impacted by God’s love. It might not be called Eight Mile Rd. but there is a historic place of inequity or what we call an "altar of pain" in every city and town in America.  Based on Ezekiel 22:29-30, what would happen if Christians all over the nation began to stand as one before God on behalf of the land; entreating His favor with their feet upon the places of historic conflict in our cities? We believe this is a critical part of God’s strategy for manifesting the ministry of reconciliation and releasing the power of God in the public arena during these times.                    

 We are mobilizing and engaging a missions movement to underserved communities through spiritual, cultural, and economic renewal. We are currently creating a coffee roasting company to be based in Ferguson, Missouri.  We have acquired and are renovating an iconic Cornerstone in the heart of Ferguson, the Corner Coffee House to serve as a dynamic place of convergence between coffee, community, and culture.  With innovative programming through dynamic partnerships, we believe this will prove to be an international destination spot as an interpretation center and a  physical space for conciliation...with amazing Coffee!
We are facilitating opportunities for multi-ethnic partnership, public witness, and personal growth. We train and deploy individuals to enter conflict zones and function as peacemakers. We also champion and support established and emerging movements across the country that exemplify Civil Righteousness.
Such as:
We create environments and resources for education, reconciliation, and authentic relationships through conferences, forums, creative presentations, and interactive experiences.  We believe that America's predominantly black and minority communities are incubating hidden treasures that have value in the nations of the earth. As a result, we are building bridges between these communities and the global missions movement.