You shall raise up the foundations of many generations;
And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach,
The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.
Isaiah 58:12

 Partner as a:

01. REBUILDER: $300,000

As a REBUILDER, you will help us finish the renovation of The Corner Coffee House in Ferguson, Missouri and open it as a dedicated space for truth, reconciliation, and works of justice.  Through amazing generosity, over $120,000 has been invested since 2019. Although we've been delayed by many unforeseen challenges, we still believe that this historic location will serve as a prominent place of cross-cultural convergence for creativity, community, and conversations that can impact the nation. 

02. REPAIRER: $50,000-100,000+/year

When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?
Repair the foundations of justice and righteousness by helping us build our infrastructure. Your support as a REPAIRER at this level will increase our capacity through endowing the leadership team and support staff.
In 2023, we seek to hire a full-time Executive Director, Creative Strategist, Program Director, and two Reconciliation Facilitators. 

03. RESTORER: $1000+/Month

Invest in cultural and economic renewal through entrepreneurship and restorative justice in the community. The Restorer will empower our programs like the Spark Tank where we are raising up entrepreneurs in partnership with Benedictine College and Premiere Business Brokers. We also seek to buy and renovate abandoned homes in our communities, disrupting gentrification, and restoring the streets while positioning perpetual renters to become home owners without predatory lending.  

04. RECONCILER $500-750/Month

America has never engaged in a comprehensive Truth and Reconciliation Process as a nation. Such a process helps us confront and address the trans-generational spiritual, psychological, and physical trauma we've inherited throughout our history and accumulated in the present. As a RECONCILER, you help us create TABLES where the miracle power of healing is released through the reconciling Gospel. You also empower us to create racial healing prayer rooms such as Imago Dei. 

05. PEACEMAKER $200-$450/Month

As a PEACEMAKER, you support our ability to produce life changing creative content distributed through podcasts, social media, and special events. Additionally, your dollars support the growth and development of our online e-course Civil Righteousness University, conferences, seminars, as well a variety of educational efforts to equip the church and reform the culture.

06. ACTIVIST $10-$150/Month

At the core, Civil Righteousness is not an organization but a vision of what the earth could look like when fully aligned with the standards of heaven. The greatest cultural shifts in human history have happened through the power of one person's agreement with God's dream and obedience to serve through simple acts of selflessness. Our vision is to see the emergence of a massive groundswell of Holy Activism through the church as she contends for the beauty of Jesus to be made known in the skin of every culture. As a financial ACTIVIST, your gift is watering an oak of righteousness called the Church so that the nations might find shade from the heat.