The Gospel of Matthew records Jesus saying  that the greatest in the Kingdom will be the servant of all. We believe that the ministry of reconciliation includes serving one another into our respective and collective destinies with the resources that God has uniquely entrusted to us. For example,In the 1820's , God's power moved many non-enslaved Americans to a conviction that slavery was an affront to the essential character of Christ. Putting feet to their faith, these men and women became abolitionists and formed the Manumission Society. This was a direct outcome of the second great awakening which brought both spiritual renewal and cultural reform. It's happening again. 200 years later, we invite you to join in the conviction of those who came before us.

200 years later, we see the Holy Spirit moving in this way again. Manumission means, "to let the slave go free". As we help the Church get free from the sins that keep us from walking in the power of the ministry of reconciliation,  our work is empowered financially by a community of donors that we call the New Manumission society.
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