We are inviting people from every every ethnic background and persuasion, who believe in Jesus, to take their place before the Lord and before the culture for 21 days. The Isaiah 58 fast begins Saturday, May 30th through Juneteenth, the day when the American slavery officially ended in 1865.

We invite you to help us raise up a wall of righteousness. Every city has a place where something tragic and or divisive has occurred, which has influenced our ability to live together and love one another across cultural lines. We call these “altars of pain”. Help us put feet to our faith, by turning every altar of pain into an altar of prayer.

Register to download our field action guide for devotionals, prayer focuses and practical acts of justice that you can do daily with your family or your sphere of influence. We will also have daily online devotionals using the guide, corporate times of prayer, and corporate calls to action.

History brought us to this moment, destiny beckons us far beyond it.

Are you interested in putting feet on the ground and leading "The Wall" in your city? Register to become a Field Director.