We are honored and grateful for your willingness to lead a portion of Clean: A National Day of Humility. Please confirm your participation by clicking below:
We are confirming your participation and assigning you a slot on our program schedule in either the Reading or Repentance sections. Upon completion of the program flow, we will send you the details. If you are unable to participate at your scheduled time or need us to adjust, at that point, we will work to accommodate within the confines of what will best serve the Lord and one another.

A National Day of Humility
On Sunday, March 29, we are inviting people from across our nation to “CLEAN,” (a day of remembrance, repentance, and returning) as we seek the righteousness of God. Biblically, we see that in the ancient days of crisis, spiritual leaders were given the responsibility to lead the nation in mourning, lament, and a return to the Lord. In the midst of this global COVID-19 crisis, we do not feel that the invitation to “weep between the porch and the altar” has passed. Through online engagement in our own cities and homes, we are inviting believers into six hours of being washed in the water of the Word through oral Bible reading, three hours of repentance, and three hours of worship.  
As a result, we are structuring this day of humility around Nehemiah 9, during which the Jews were admonished to:
  • Separate from foreigners (in our case, we are already quarantined).
  • Fast in humility.
  • Confess their sins and the iniquities of their fathers.
  • Read from the Book of the Law (for us, this will include the public reading of the Word).  
  • Worship.
You will be leading people during a 15 - 30 minute time slot by either reading the scripture out loud (no teaching please) or leading in a time of prayer and repentance. We will confirm your role in the next 48 hours. We would connect you through Zoom to those who have gathered online.




We will send you a more detailed schedule within the next 2 days.
Also, we are grateful for any support in spreading the word about the event on social media platforms, as we are hoping to engage with as many people as possible.
Any help in promotion would be a tremendous blessing. Please click here for promotional materials:

Thank you again for your participation.  We believe that our God will do exceedingly above and beyond all that we can ask or imagine according to the power that is at work within us.  
The nations of the earth have been brought to their knees by this virus.  It’s time for God’s people to CLEAN.
Weeping for Clean Hearts,
Pastor Jonathan Tremaine Thomas
Clean Leadership Team