To obtain Reconciliation and Restorative Justice through spiritual, cultural and economic renewal.


To witness the restoration of all persons, places and things; while pursuing wholeness and moral excellence according to the biblical pattern and framework.


In September 2014, over 60 christian ministries in the St. Louis area joined together to engage in prayer, worship, and evangelism amidst the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri for what became known as the Ferguson Response.

In January 2016; over 100 spiritual leaders from around the country gathered to St.Louis to pray for the emergence of a new breed of leadership to address the historic racial divide in America, and a multi-cultural spiritual awakening. During this gathering which culminated on January 18th, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day;  then a new civil righteousness movement was catalyzed.  

Throughout 2016 and 2017, Pastor Jonathan Tremaine traveled the country carrying the civil righteousness message to  churches and conferences. In several cities, local civil righteousness chapters began to emerge.
As a result, Civil Righteousness, Inc. was formed as a Missouri 501(c)3 non-profit organization in February 2018.